老闆自香港來台求學,深刻體會到台灣足球裝備的不足因此立志要改變這個現狀 。從2020年起,我們跟多家國際知名品牌合作,將最頂尖的足球裝備帶到台灣,讓每位足球愛好者都能輕鬆找到心儀的裝備👟。



2020年10月 我們的起點
2021年5月 成為TeamWeGo (TWG)的經銷商
2022年6月 成為原足力 INXTINCT的經銷商
2023年5月 成為卡爾美KELME的經銷商
2023年6月 成為JOMA TW的經銷商


Email: dreamsportfootball@gmail.com


DreamSport Football Ltd.

In Taiwan, finding a pair of football boots has always felt like searching for an oasis in a vast desert 🌵. But now, let us break through this challenge! At DreamSport Football Ltd., we focus on introducing renowned football equipment brands from around the world, ensuring we provide you with the highest quality football boots and gear, solving all your problems when it comes to purchasing football supplies.

Our founder, who came to Taiwan from Hong Kong for studies, deeply realized the lack of football equipment in Taiwan and was determined to change this status quo. Since 2020, we have collaborated with multiple internationally famous brands, bringing the very best in football gear to Taiwan, so every football enthusiast can easily find the equipment they desire 👟.

It's not just about football boots; we offer a wide variety of football products, satisfying all your needs at once and paving the way for your football journey 🛣️. Let's join hands to inject new vitality into Taiwan's football culture, making football more than just a dream 💫!

We aim to change the football atmosphere in Taiwan, creating a better environment and culture for football.

Our Milestones:

  • October 2020: Our beginning
  • May 2021: Became a distributor for TeamWeGo (TWG)
  • June 2022: Became a distributor for INXTINCT
  • May 2023: Became a distributor for KELME
  • June 2023: Became a distributor for JOMA TW

Invitation for Collaboration: We welcome partnership opportunities in various forms to collectively promote Taiwan's football and sports culture. Whether you are a sports brand, a football club, or an individual or organization passionate about advancing Taiwanese football culture, we look forward to working with you for the betterment of football in Taiwan.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us to embark on a new chapter in Taiwanese football 📘!
Email: dreamsportfootball@gmail.com

DreamSport Football Ltd.
Creating a Better Football Environment and Culture in Taiwan ⚽